Expanding your business to China is a unique opportunity for substantial growth. But when do you decide to sell cross border? What are the challenges and what is your plan of approach? A well thought out strategy is crucial to success.


We are specialised in e-commerce and provide the infrastructure required for brands to penetrate the market.

Our network of Chinese e-commerce partners and support team can help your brand to enter and flourish in a foreign market. We’ll help you strategically leverage the vast and often confusing world of e-commerce so that you’re utilising the optimal sales channels for rapid expansion and brand recognition.

Our services includes providing digital asset production services via our own custom built studio, copy-writing services, as well as support to create Chinese websites (.cn domains) and WeChat mini-program stores.

Sell Globally, Locally

With our global networks and expertise, we enable you to market and sell to global markets no matter where you are in the world. We’re there for your every step of the way from strategy development, execution and analysis to complete this cycle and give you the most efficient experience.

Consulting & Market Entry

The sales potential in China is massive. But market entry is not easy. Expert advice and the right preparation and planning is critical. We have the specialised market knowledge and experience to guide you on every step of your cross border venture.

Expert Multilingual Team

Don’t let a language barrier stop your business from harnessing the opportunity for substantial growth in China. We have teams in both Australia and China ready to provide world-class customer service and comprehensive e-commerce solutions.

Understanding Chinese Consumer Trends is Vital

China is a complex and diverse consumer market, and it is vital to tailor your e-commerce strategies and even your products to local preferences. In addition to intense competition from both domestic and international companies, you must consider the diversity of cultural backgrounds, differing levels of wealth and sophistication, and the sheer size of both the population and land mass.


There is vast variation within the Chinese demographic with younger Chinese consumers more willing to spend than their parents and grandparents, making them the driving force behind the Chinese consumer market. They are driven by peer perception, and are regularly informed of new trends through social media. Market segmentation and positioning is therefore crucial with marketing strategies tailored to the specific targeted group.

We go beyond your expectations by setting out a comprehensive plan to market your product to the right audience. Our aim is to help you develop and strengthen the digital relationship between you and your Chinese consumers.


The Chinese consumer market is complex and diverse, with middle-class consumers often placing strong significance on brands, particularly luxury brands. Status is a key factor – many people will buy luxury goods not because they necessarily like them but because they are representations of success.

For new entrants to the market, we make sure to create a specific strategy focusing on brand localisation, brand building and awareness creation.


The Chinese e-commerce landscape is very different from Australia’s. Australian businesses need to adapt and tailor their offerings in China as the Chinese use different search engines and payment methods. Our expert team can help you to navigate China’s complex e-commerce ecosystem.

TMALL, formerly Taobao Mall, is a business-to-consumer online retail marketplace. It is operated by the Alibaba Group and the base language is in Chinese. TMALL is one of the largest online marketplaces in China and has a significant share of online shoppers. It is common for brands to use this channel to enter the Chinese market. However, setting up a store is not that easy.

We are experienced in developing TMALL stores for international clients. We can help with the tedious registration process directly with Alibaba and the setup of product pages. The location of your inventory also impacts your ratings and set up time, hence our team can consult and provide you with the specific requirements to setting up your store without delays.

Vipshop is a leading online discount retailer for brands in China. Its e-commerce platforms – VIP.com and VIP International, reach more than 300 million consumers and is a main export path for Australian goods. The site differs from TMall and JD in that it buys from producers, rather than offering a shop front for sales. VIP.com is a retailer, not a platform provider, and thereby, requires experience and knowledge in navigating the system. The platform has pioneered the online discount retail model in China and had 57.8 million active users during the whole year of 2017. At the same time, the repurchase rate reached 84% on VIP.com.

We have developed a close business relationship with VIPShop, becoming the company’s second largest cooperative partner. We generate more than 1 Million unique visitors per month, over 50 million in sales volume per year and own over 10 cooperative brands on the site. Our team are experienced in the processes and can ensure delays are avoided so that your products can be placed on the site as soon as possible.

JD.com or Jingdong Mall, (formerly 360Buy), is a business-to-consumer online retail marketplace. With the integration of e-commerce in mobile marketing, JD has explored many opportunities like JD App, WeChat and QQ mobile. In cross-border shopping, there are two JD worldwide business models: the direct mode, where JD acts as a purchaser, and the marketplace model, where brands operate through JD’s store platform and pay them a commission. We offer JD.com setup services as we know that these processes are troublesome and your time should be better spent on generating sales rather than focused on submitting documents!

Suning.com (苏宁易购) is one of the leading platforms in the area of China’s B2C shopping. Suning.com’s operations are comprehensive with requiring detailed registration to sell on the site. They offer three different kinds of stores: Flagship, Specialised and Franchise. IN 2018 the company boasted 407 million online users with approximately 94.9 percent of their total online orders accounted for by mobile phone.


Any company can be a global company. We’ll help you achieve your goals, whether you’re a small business, just starting your brand or a major domestic corporation.

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